Award for the CEO

Evgeniy Vladimirovich Shilnikov, CEO (Director General) of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC, has received an award from the Moscow Regional Duma. The honorary badge "For Work" was presented to him in a solemn atmosphere by Vladimir Yanovich Pekarev, deputy of the regional parliament.

“Evgeniy Vladimirovich Shilnikov is a long-sighted and experienced leader”, noted V.Ya. Pekarev. “He knows how to make balanced and constructive decisions. His contribution to the development of the city cannot be overestimated. I am sure that new success and victories await the Electrostal plant under his capable guidance!”

Congratulations on the well-deserved award!

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Hockey win

In honor of its 104th anniversary, “Electrostal” metallurgical plant has held a hockey match again. The team of the enterprise met on the ice of the Kristall Sports Palace with the team of Rusinox LLC.

The match started with congratulations to “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC. The opening speech was made by Deputy CEO - Production Director of Eleсtrostal plant Alexander Nikolayevich Korolev and the captain of the rival team, Director General and Head of the City District Ice Hockey Federation Sergey Valerievich Shkedin. After the last chords of the anthem of the Russian Federation were played, A.N. Korolev, together with the captains of the hockey teams, made a symbolic throw-in of the puck.

At the beginning the game was cautious, the rivals seemed to be feeling each other out. For quite a long time the scoreboard showed zeros. But when the metallurgists threw the first puck into the opponents' goal, they could not be stopped. With a score of 7:1, the team of Electrostal plant won a convincing victory.

At the end of the match individual awards were presented. Ivan Shcherbakov received the best goalkeeper prize, Maxim Kovalenko became the most efficient player of the match, and the titles of the best forward and the best defender went to the Rusinox hockey players Andrei Leonov and Ivan Korenkov. Also, the team of metallurgists was awarded a commemorative prize for winning the match timed to the 104th anniversary of the plant. The awarding ceremony was held by Sergei Valerievich Shkedin and the chairman of the Youth Council of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant" JSC, deputy of the City Council of Deputies Anastasia Olegovna Kuzmina.

The hockey club of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant" JSC would like to thank its fans for their loyalty and support. In December, the team is planning to hold sports meetings with the teams “AKM” (Electrostal), “Vereya” (Orekhovo-Zuevo) and the national team of the Electrostal Association of Referees in ice hockey.

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Round table 2021

“Electrostal” Metallurgical plant” JSC has a number of remarkable time-tested traditions. One of them is holding an annual meeting with customers and partners in an extеnded format in order to build development pathways together, resolve pressing tasks and better understand each other. Although the digital age persistently teaches us to conduct business dialogues in the format of video conferencing, nothing can replace live human communication as it still proves much more effective.

In September, when the epidemiological situation in all regions was calm, the round table on the topic “Interaction and partnership with consumers of the plant's products” was held at Lukovoye Lake.

There were more participants in the round table this time than usual. The economic situation forces industrialists to work not only in their own interests, but also in the interests of each other. The invitation to a business dialogue was accepted by 70 companies, whose geography covers Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, as well as the Urals, Siberia, as well as neighboring countries. Moscow Region industrialists also expressed stepped-up attention to the work of the round table: this is a good opportunity to strengthen old partnerships and develop new ones.

The round table meeting was conducted by Aleksandr Evgenievich Shilnikov, Commercial Director of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC. He gave the first word to the President of Association of Aero-Engine Manufacturers, a hard-liner of the industry, Viktor Mikhailovich Chuiko.

“The significance of the round table held by the Electrostal plant cannot be understated,” the honorary guest noted. “It's good that there is such a platform where you can total up the year and discuss the issues that have arisen. The proposals heard here are seriously considered by the management. Evgeniy Vladimirovich Shilnikov, CEO of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC, is doing his best to eliminate any obstacles that may hinder the development of relationships between the product suppliers and consumers.”

How steady is the metallurgical production cycle of Electrostal and what orders are in production? Deputy CEO - Production Director Alexander Nikolayevich Korolev answered these questions in his report.

High product quality standards have always distinguished Electrostal plant from competitors. In his report Quality and Certification Director Alexander Viktorovich Zhavyrkin focused on the company’s handling of consumer requests on metal products’ quality issues.

It is well-known that our enterprise was created as a laboratory plant for the production of new grades of steel and alloys. Today their number is close to three thousands. The results and prospects for the technological development at Electrostal plant were presented to the participants of the round table by Stanislav Vladimirovich Muruev, Head of the Central Research Laboratory.

The most important question that has always been relevant for the customers is what the prices will be like for metal products. This factor is also fundamental for our plant. Director for Economics Valentin Valentinovich Volkov spoke about the vectors of pricing policy at the round table.

The guests were interested in various questions such as possibility to speed up verification of certificates for metal products; possibility of partial pickup of products in case of transportation problems from the customer’s side, if not spelled out in the contract. From year to year one of the most pressing requests from partners is to take orders without one hundred percent advance payment.

Without a doubt, new interesting directions for interaction with partners will arise, and the CEO of Electrostal E.V. Shilnikov suggested to discuss them in future: “This round table is the twenty-fourth in the history of our plant. I am pleased to invite all of you to the 25th anniversary round table, which will take place next year!”

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Constellation of aircraft engine manufacturers

For ten years, the Association of Aero-Engine Manufacturers (ASSAD) has been publishing collections of essays entitled “Constellation”. They tell about designers, engineers, scientists, leading specialists and business leaders who have become part of the history of the aircraft industry.

The presentation of the new volume has taken place this autumn. The fourteenth book opens with an essay about the industrialist, the founder of our plant and city, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Vtorov. The second essay is dedicated to Ilya Viktorovich Kabanov, Deputy CEO - Science Director of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC. The collection also features essays on outstanding representatives of other large enterprises.

“In engine building, everything starts with metallurgy”, noted the President of ASSAD, Viktor Mikhailovich Chuiko, “With the development of materials, improvement of their properties, compliance with quality, and bringing into production. One cannot do anything without good materials. It is not accidental that our collection is called “Constellation”. The aircraft industry is a galaxy, from the clouds of which we took and placed 201 stars in our books (this is the number of essays written in 10 years within the project). These 14 volumes are an encyclopedia of aircraft engine building in faces. If you read all the articles, you can imagine how technologies and equipment have improved over time, what outstanding people are behind the achievements of aircraft engine building.”

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Honors for the worthy

“Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC celebrated its birthday on November 17. The largest producer of special steels and alloys in the country is 104 years old. On this day, a solemn event dedicated to this date was held in the conference hall of the plant management office.

Unfortunately, for the second year in a row due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was held in a reduced format: with a minimum number of participants and as short as possible in time.

“I would like to hope that the next birthday, which will be the 105th anniversary, will be celebrated in a full hall in a truly solemn atmosphere,” said Andrei Yuryevich Barashenkov, HR and General Affairs Director, opening the meeting.

Alexander Evgenievich Shilnikov, Commercial Director, congratulated the team of employees, represented by the shop workers and the administration of the plant, who gathered in the hall: “Dear colleagues! On behalf of the CEO Evgeniy Vladimirovich Shilnikov, I congratulate all of you on the 104th anniversary of our great plant. We are one big family, one big team. I wish you and your families all the best, I wish you health, and I wish we will continue working successfully for the shared result, for the benefit of our enterprise!”

The metallurgists were congratulated by Roman Savelyevich Lavrov, Deputy Head of the City District Administration of Electrostal in charge of industrial affairs: “I am very glad to be present at this event. Your plant is a city-forming enterprise for our urban district, a large taxpayer, actively participating in the social life of the city of Electrostal and various infrastructure projects, thanks to which together we are making our city a better place to live. It is important that the direction for development you have chosen is not quantitative, but qualitative, that is, you strive for the production of high-tech products, and the City Administration fully supports the metallurgical plant in this.”

On the occasion of the event, 105 employees were awarded for their dedicated long-term work. The certificate of honor of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC marked the success and personal achievements of 52 employees. Gratitude of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC was announced to 24 employees.

Due to covid restrictions, only seven awardees were present in the hall. The honorable badge of merit for the city of Electrostal, Moscow region was awarded on this day to Vera Nikolaevna Bazarova, a thermist for rolled products and pipes of the heat treatment workshop, and Igor Borisovich Smagin, a refractory worker of Steelmaking shop-2, and an honorary badge “For labor for the benefit of the city of Electrostal, Moscow region” was awarded to a metal heater of Press Forging Shop-1 Evgeny Aleksandrovich Kinyaevsky, and a shift supervisor of the Rolling Shop-2 Aleksandr Leonidovich Kushchenko. The gratitude of the Head of the Electrostal City District of Moscow Region was announced to the Deputy Head of Department - Head of bureau for organization and standardization of labor of Payroll Department Olga Yuryevna Loseva, and senior area supervisor of Steelmaking Shop-6 Anatoly Nikolayevich Nesterov. The certificate of honor of the Council of Deputies of the city district of Electrostal, Moscow Region, was presented to Nikolai Ivanovich Zvonarev, a mechanic-repairman of the test shop.

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