WELDEX / Rossvarka - 21

"Metallurgical Plant "Eleсtrostal" JSC has participated in the international exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies "WELDEX/Rossvarka-21".

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Labor Glory of Electrostal

The book "Labor Glory of Electrostal" has been published. It narrates about the workers of the city enterprises, awarded with the Order of Labor Glory for their professionalism and dedication. There are 304 heroes featured in the book, and the largest chapter is devoted to the representatives of the “Electrostal” metallurgical plant.

The Order of Labor Glory was established in 1974 and existed until December 1991. It had a division based on classes: there are three in total, with the highest being the first. In terms of its status and benefits, the award was equal to the military Order of Glory.

Over the history of our enterprise, 100 factory employees were awarded with the Order of Labor Glory of class III, and five more employees held the Order of Labor Glory of classes II and III (Vladimir Dmitrievich Larin, Vyacheslav Evgenievich Nebogatov, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Trushin, Nikolai Karpovich Shamrai, Afanasy Stepanovich Shekhovtsev).

Unfortunately, many of the heroes of the book are no longer alive. At the presentation which took place in the City Council of Veterans, the author of the book, Galina Ivanovna Meshcheryakova, presented copies mainly to the relatives of the people awarded with the Order. Thus, the book was presented to Tatyana Dmitrievna Avinnikova, the widow of Viktor Ivanovich Avinnikov, Cavalier of the Order of Labor Glory of class III. He was a foreman of fitters at the “Metallurgprokatmontazh” trust. Tatyana Dmitrievna herself worked at our plant as a design engineer in the blade band workshop, her son Anton Viktorovich Avinnikov being a mechanic-repairman in Metallurgical Equipment Repair workshop, and her daughter-in-law Irina Vasilievna Avinnikova is the head of Quality Control Department.

Valentina Mikhailovna Salaryova, a woman of venerable age (she is 90!), took part in the presentation of the book. She came to Elektrostal after the World War II, where she got a job as a general laborer in the women's brigade of Zhilstroy No. 1. She dug trenches, built workshops at the “Electrostal” metallurgical plant. She laid the foundations of houses on many streets of the city. For her labor achievements Valentina Mikhailovna Salaryova was awarded the Order of Labor Glory, class III.

At the presentation of the book, the audience warmly applauded the veterans of the Metallurgical Plant "Eleсtrostal" Sergei Vasilyevich Dubsky (he worked as a wire drawer in the Rolling Shop No. 2), Mikhail Nikolaevich Yegorov (formerly a turning mill operator of RMC) and others.

Note that most of the materials for the book were written by G.I. Meshcheryakova, but the project was also supported by professional journalists. The collection features an article by the reporter of our corporate newspaper "Metallurg" Irina Kimovna Kosareva about Vladimir Aleksandrovich Korovin, an operator of “350/250" rolling mill who was awarded the Order of Labor Glory class III in 1986. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2019, before the book was published. She will be transferred to the family of Vladimir Alexandrovich.

The book will be soon available in Electrostal city libraries.

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Plant workers’ double success

The best non-professional civil defense teams have been determined in the Moscow region. The team of "Metallurgical Plant "Electrostal" JSC shone twice in the competition program.

Non-professional civil defense teams (NPCDT) are formations created on the basis of organizations that have potentially dangerous facilities of high defense and environmental significance; not being part of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, they own special equipment and property and are trained to protect the population and territories from threats arising during or as a result of the conduct of hostilities, as well as natural disasters and man-caused emergencies.

NPCDT representatives competed in the city district of Khimki. In total, more than 200 people took part in the final stage of the competition as part of 17 teams from 10 municipalities of the Moscow region.

The team of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC participated in two nominations: "Post-radiational and chemical observation" and "Defense structure maintenance unit". In the face of fierce competition, the plant workers proved to be well-prepared, demonstrated high skills and the ability to fight to the end and hit the set objective. As a result of the competition our metallurgists won the third prize in both nominations.


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To the Town Day together

A sea of colorful balloons, bright blue and red caps and, of course, flags - by these signs it was easy to recognize the festive column of “Metallurgical plant “Electrostal” JSC on September, 4. On the Town Day, the employees of the enterprise traditionally took part in the civic parade. And although the weather forecast promised rain, the company workers marched in the sunshine.

Immediately after the march the employees of “Electrostal” headed to the numerous platforms that were opened. Not a single event took place without the participation of the plant employees, because we are the city!

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Metallurgists’ sporting success

Employees and veterans of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC took part in the city sports festival in honor of the Athlete's Day.

Volleyball players became the main heroes of the day. The company team won silver in a fierce struggle. At first, the decisive match appeared unsuccessful for the metallurgists: our athletes were losing with the score 5:0, then the gap widened even more to become 14:7. And yet the Electrostal workers showed character - with a score of 16:14 they secured a place on the winners’ podium.

Sergey Vadimovich Ryzhkov (NDT QCD of Press Forging shop-3) took second place in the chess tournament.

On the track and field athletics track, IT workshop veteran Alexander Dmitrievich Gurov distinguished himself by coming in third in the 2 kilometers race.

Also, employees and veterans of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC plant participated in a table tennis tournament, a bike ride and other events of the festive sports program.

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