See you at MAKS-2021!

The International Aviation and Space Show MAKS-2021 will be held in Zhukovskiy, Moscow region, on 20-25 July. This high-profile event will be attended by “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC: our specialists will present our key developments.

Preforms for the production of blades, disks, shafts and rings for gas turbine engines - this is not nearly a complete list of what Electrostal metallurgists can produce. The certified Quality Management System enables us to meet the most stringent international standards. Many large enterprises forming the basis of the Russian economy have already become our regular customers.

We are pleased to invite you to visit our Stand 20 located in Pavilion C3.

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18.07.21 Metallurgist Day

Happy Metallurgist Day!

Dear company employees, dear veterans!

We would like to congratulate you on the Metallurgist Day - a holiday of Electrostal plant workers of all generations! For more than a century our metallurgical plant has served as the basis for the development of the country's economic potential and defense capability. We are proud of our common successes and are confident that every production achievement is based on competent decisions and personal commitment of workers, specialists and managers.

We would like to thank the leaders of production, veterans, labor teams and everyone individually for their professionalism and dedication, for innovative ideas and loyalty to the best traditions, for responsibility and reliability.

We wish you good health, happiness, prosperity and growth of professional achievements!

CEO “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC
Evgeniy Vladimirovich SHILNIKOV.

Chairman of the trade union committee
Ivan Ivanovich PAVLICHENKO.

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In present-day world, both social and cultural ties and interaction at the level of public organizations play an important part in the dialogue between countries. Evgeniy V. Shilnikov, CEO of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC, having long been the head of the Society of Friendship with India, has recently become head of the Society of Friendship and Cultural Relations with Switzerland, also being a member of the Presidium of the Russian Association for International Cooperation (RAMS). The great work carried out by Evgeniy Vladimirovich in the field of public diplomacy, promoting Russian initiatives and strengthening contacts with foreign states was noted at the level of the federal government. On June 30, in the conference hall of the plant administration office he was solemnly awarded with the badge “For Interaction” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The high award on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation was handed over by the Secretary General of RAMS Vladimir Mikhailovich Polozkov. Opening the solemn meeting, he highlighted the fact that the majority knows Evgeniy Vladimirovich as the head of a large enterprise, but few people know that he performs a very important state task of developing relations with foreign countries and it was for his outstanding contribution to this activity that he was presented with the award.

The current situation in the world did not allow to hold the meeting in an expanded format, so many of the honored participants of the meeting spoke via video conferencing. Among them are the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, Chairman of RAMS Presidium Sergey Vyacheslavovich Kalashnikov, Deputy Director of the 2d Asia Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Denis Evgenievich Alipov, President of the Russia-and-Switzerland Friends Circle Society, Prince von Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duke of Saxony Jörg Wolfgang, Honorary Consul of Russia, Director of the Russian Cultural Center in Trivandrum Ratish Nair, member of RAMS Presidium, rector of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences Andrey Ivanovich Rudskoy and others.

The solemn meeting was attended in person by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to the Russian Federation, Michalgalanda Durage Lamawansa, who addressed E.V. Shilnikov and other guests: “It is a great honor for me to be a participant in such, maybe not a big, but very memorable ceremony. The award is a way to show appreciation and reward the good deeds and tireless efforts that kind people make. It is especially joyful and valuable to me that Mr. Shilnikov, who is working to promote cooperation with many countries, is also a member of the Board of Trustees in the Society for Friendship with Sri Lanka. I would like to wish you to continue doing what you are so good at!”

E.V. Shilnikov himself described the receipt of the badge as a team merit: “Dear colleagues, first of all I would like to thank all of you. I am used to evaluating my work modestly, and this award, as I see it, is a kind of advance, expectations and commitment to continue developing and expanding what I started. I don’t consider it as personally mine, but rather belonging to that small but close team with which I work within the framework of the Russian Association for International Cooperation.”

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Flower bed as a gift to the city

“Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC has taken part in the City Flowers festival. Every year the summer in the city begins with this beautiful event, during which enterprises, management companies, public organizations and entrepreneurs create flower beds and landscape compositions. This year there are 44 of them, and one of the most beautiful is a gift to the city from the team of metallurgists.

The company’s Youth Council has worked on the creation of the composition. The plant employees dedicated their flower bed to the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space: the contours of all the continents of our planet are lined with flowers, and a banner is installed above the flower bed. The banner is designed in the manner of tantamareska - a stand with holes for photography. Anyone can take a photo in a spacesuit, a flying saucer or a rocket.

The head of the city district Inna Yuryevna Volkova expressed gratitude to the management of our metallurgical plant for their active participation in the improvement and landscaping of Electrostal.

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17.05.21 The triumph of “Metallurg”

Our newspaper “Metallurg” has taken first place in the regional stage of the XXVII nation-wide competition of journalists named “The Economic Renovation of Russia”. It is a triumph indeed, considering that our small in-house journal has been nominated in the category “The best municipal news media”.

The competition was held with the aid of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also the Union of Journalists of Moscow region. The jury examined articles concerning economics, published or on-air in 2020.

The victory came as a result of concerted efforts of the plant editorial staff.

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