Metallurgists’ sporting success

Employees and veterans of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC took part in the city sports festival in honor of the Athlete's Day.

Volleyball players became the main heroes of the day. The company team won silver in a fierce struggle. At first, the decisive match appeared unsuccessful for the metallurgists: our athletes were losing with the score 5:0, then the gap widened even more to become 14:7. And yet the Electrostal workers showed character - with a score of 16:14 they secured a place on the winners’ podium.

Sergey Vadimovich Ryzhkov (NDT QCD of Press Forging shop-3) took second place in the chess tournament.

On the track and field athletics track, IT workshop veteran Alexander Dmitrievich Gurov distinguished himself by coming in third in the 2 kilometers race.

Also, employees and veterans of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC plant participated in a table tennis tournament, a bike ride and other events of the festive sports program.

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Electrostal at MAKS-2021

Our metal sounds beautiful!

This summer the International Aviation and Space Show was held again in Zhukovsky near Moscow. The MAKS was traditionally attended by managers and specialists of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC.

“We hold a lot of meetings with our existing and new customers within the International Aviation and Space Show,” said Yuliy Sergeevich Ermolin, Deputy Head of Sales Department. - Basically, our products are in demand from representatives of the UEC and aircraft factories, and we also receive requests from the enterprises of Roskosmos and the defense industry. Repair plants also show interest in the production capabilities of the Electrostal plant. If we talk about long steel products, heat-resistant and stainless steels are in the greatest demand. Traditionally, there are orders placed for products of deep processing. Interest in “Electrostal” products is growing every year."

This year the company’s exhibition stand was located in the new pavilion C3, opposite one of the entrances. The stand was conspicuous, lively and convenient for visitors.

“Every year a list of exhibition events is compiled,” said Sergey Olegovich Yegorov, Head of Marketing. - MAKS and Metal-Expo are the main, most important exhibitions for the Electrostal plant, which allow us to develop new and strengthen time-tested business contacts.

Our meeting rooms are never empty. Meetings were held with the heads of engine factories that are part of the United Engine Corporation.

This year our stand is located in such a way that you can watch the flight program without leaving the pavilion. I was glad to see the MC-21 passenger liner in the sky. In 2019, the aircraft was demonstrated only at a static exposition, and now it is lifted into the air by PD-14 engines, a large number of parts and billets for which have been produced at “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC.

The Russian aircraft Sukhoi Superjet participated in the flight program. Now it is equipped with Russian-French-made SaM146 power plants. It is planned to install domestic PD-8 engines on the plane. Our company also actively participates in the production of billets for the engine.

I feel especially proud when military aircraft, the construction of which would have been impossible without the products of Electrostal, rise into the sky. It's nice to realize that our metal flies high and well and also sounds beautiful! We are moving forward and contributing to new achievements of aircraft engine builders.”

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09.08.21 A visit to the plant

The metallurgists were visited by the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Borisovich Kravchenko, the deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Linara Raimovna Samedinova and the candidate for the State Duma of the Russian Federation Gennady Olegovich Panin.

The conversation about the priorities and prospects of the metallurgical plant “Electrostal” started in the office of Director General Evgeniy Vladimirovich Shilnikov, and continued at the production sites together with the employees of Steel Melting shop 6 and Press Forging shop 3.

“The Ministry of Industry and Trade has developed a program for creating competitive products for the aviation industry worth 1.84 trillion rubles. Within its framework, 735 new civil aircraft are to be built in Russia. This program runs until 2030. It is the metal that forms the main profit of the “Electrostal” plant that will be required”, - said E.V. Shilnikov.

This is a large-scale project, therefore strict control is required at all levels, including legislative. Denis Borisovich Kravchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship of the State Duma, said that he would defend the interests of the metallurgical plant in the implementation of this project.

“Our country has been living under sanctions for eight years and is forced to develop an import substitution program. We believe that the time has come to move to a strategy of import independence. In this regard, it is important to improve the production of domestic aircraft, helicopters and other equipment. The Civil Aviation Development Program has received presidential support. For these purposes, it is planned to allocate large funds from the National Welfare Fund and from the state budget. This means that the plant will have purchase orders, whereas the plant employees will have confidence in the future,” said Denis Borisovich Kravchenko.

Not only industry, but also other spheres need external support. Attraction of funds from the regional and federal budgets is the key to solving pressing issues. The deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Linara Raimovna Samedinova said: “It will not be possible to put things in order in Electrostal just at the municipal expense. The city needs co-funding in order to renovate the Yubileiny pond, to set the hospitals in order, - and so, literally, regarding every point."

Gennady Olegovich Panin, a candidate for the State Duma of the Russian Federation, has accumulated extensive experience in attracting investments. Over the seven years that he headed Orekhovo-Zuevo, many serious projects have been implemented in the district: three schools, two kindergartens, two stadiums and the same number of sports and recreation complexes, as well as an art school have been built. The Klyazma embankment is beautifully and modernly equipped. It would have been impossible to bring these ideas to life without participation in regional and federal programs.

In Electrostal, like in many other cities, it is necessary to put things in order in the road sector, to implement a program to resettle dilapidated housing, but perhaps the most important object is the overpass. Its construction requires 2.5-3 billion rubles. Such serious funds must be attracted precisely from the federal budget. At the state level, programs are being adopted today that can change the lives of Russians for the better, but in the regions, for a number of reasons, they are not fully implemented. Therefore, now there is a global task, relatively speaking, to land federal programs at the local level,” said Gennady Olegovich Panin.

The metallurgical plant workers had the opportunity to communicate with the deputies directly. Representatives of the team of Press Forging shop 3 were eager to use it. It will certainly come forth more than once: the guests thanked the management and staff of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC for the warm welcome and expressed their commitment and desire to be useful to the plant employees.

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First again!

For the professional holiday – Metallurgist Day - the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union of Russia and the Association of Industrialists of the MMC traditionally summarize the results of the industrial competition “Enterprise of the mining and metallurgical complex of high social efficiency”. In 2021 “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC became one of the winners again.

The competition was attended by 53 enterprises from 23 regions of Russia, accounting for 42% of all employees of the mining and metallurgical complex. The awards were presented in various nominations: “Social economic efficiency of the collective agreement”; “Staff development”; “Health protection and safe working conditions”, etc. “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC was among the winners in the nomination “Work with the youth” and will be recommended for participation in the competition for the title “Russian organization of high social efficiency”.

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For many Electrostal residents the third Sunday of July is a special date and a personal holiday. Traditionally, on this day people whose life and fate are associated with metallurgy take congratulations. On the eve of the professional holiday the employees of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC received congratulations and awards: on July 15, a solemn meeting took place in the conference hall of the plant administration office. The employees were congratulated by first deputy head of the city district Olga Viktorovna Pechnikova, the deputy head of the city district in charge of industrial issues, Roman Savelyevich Lavrov and the deputy chairman of the city Council of Deputies Erlend Lvovich Gursky.

Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions the holiday was held in a reduced format again and, therefore, could not unite all the workers who were noted for their achievements in labor. At the solemn meeting, 14 awards were presented. The loudest applause was addressed to Valery Ivanovich Erokhin, Head of Cast Molding Production of Steel Melting Workshop-2, and Alexander Viktorovich Zhavyrkin, Director for Quality and Certification. They were awarded the title of honor named “Honorary Metallurgist”.

Employees were also presented with certificates of honor of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation as well as city and regional awards. Overall, more than 130 employees of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC have been awarded for their industrial merits on the occasion of the holiday.

In conclusion, Evgeniy Vladimirovich Shilnikov, CEO of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC, shared the good news: “The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has come up with an initiative to allocate 1.5 trillion rubles for the development of domestic aviation. The project is assumed to produce more than 730 civil aircraft by 2030. This means that “Electrostal” plant will have considerably more purchase orders. For our professional holiday this message is like a gift. Let it work out!”

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