Ninety-five years ago during the First World War Nikolay A. Vtorov (1866-1918), the wealthiest Russian businessman and industrialist nicknamed “Russian Morgan” for his business acumen, founded several defense plants in Bogorodsk district of Moscow government including the first Russian high quality alloyed steels making plant located in Zatishe village (Electrostal).
The first steel was melted by the Plant “Electrostal” on November 17, 1917.
The development of new industries, construction of tool-making, machine-building, aerospace and automotive plants and enterprises led to an increase in demand for high quality metal. The first stainless steel was melted in 1923. Magnetic and ball bearing steels were manufactured in 1924 and 1926, respectively. In 1932, the first batches of nichrome were made. Forging and rolling of alloyed steel and manufacture of silver steel of different grades were successfully mastered during those years as well.
The Plant became the largest supplier of high quality superduty metal in the country.

During the Second World War the Plant “Electrostal” successfully performed orders of the State Defense Committee contributing to the fighting power of Katyusha multiple rocket launchers, T34 tanks and “Il-Shturmovik” ground-attack aircrafts. Besides, machinery and facilities evacuated to the east of the country were used for foundation of several enterprises in the Urals and played a large part in strengthening of the Red army.
The Plant was awarded the Order of Lenin for supply of high quality metal and performance of special orders of the State Defense Committee in March 1945.
The Plant was greatly extended and reconstructed during the post-war years. It became the “Great Electrostal”, a flagship of quality metallurgy, the largest enterprise equipped with first-class machinery in the country. It was the main and often unique supplier of special steels and alloys in Russia.
In 1948, specialists of the Plant created a technology for manufacture of heat-resistant alloys.

In 1949-1953, a problem of manufacture of precision alloys was handled and facilities for sheet and strip production were installed.
In 1971, the Plant was awarded the Order of the October Revolution for meeting of a plan for production of quality metal and new grates of special steels and alloys.
The rapid development of aerospace, aviation and nuclear technology in the country required materials which were able to operate at high and low temperatures in aggressive environments and at high loads. Superplastic superalloy for new-generation jet engines was put into production. The Plant was involved in the "Buran" aerospace program.
Another reconstruction of the Plant included implementation of modern methods of melting, refining and deformation of high-alloyed steels and alloys such as electroslag, vacuum-arc, electron-beam remelting, continuous casting of complex alloys, extrusion and deformation in radial forging machines and combined casting and rolling process.

In this regard, steelmaking shops No. 4, 6, press shop No. 2 and rolling shops No. 3, 4 where the latest technological solutions found their practical use were put into operation in 1964 – 1984. The Plant “Electrostal” was reorganized to a joint stock company in January 1993.
The Plant did not stop to re-equip and modernize its facilities and improve quality of manufactured products even in the complicated transitional years.
Throughout its history, "Metallurgical Plant "Electrostal" JSC has been a leading manufacturer of high quality steel grades. The Plant is a leading supplier of heat-resistant nickel alloys of different grades and sizes from wire to large forgings. It has uniquely equipped metallurgical facilities such as open arc and induction furnaces, an out-of-furnace steel treatment unit, vacuum induction, vacuum arc, electro slag and electron beam furnaces as well as rolling, press forging and hardware equipment allowing to manufacture any production lot size.
“Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC offers its customers more than 2000 steel and alloy grades. Gathered experience and skills of specialists of the Plant allow to promptly put into production new products.

Almost all steels and alloys manufactured by Russian metallurgical plants have been developed by specialists of "Metallurgical Plant "Electrostal" JSC in close cooperation with leading scientific-research institutes such as VIAM, TsNIIChermet, VNIINM, IMET, TsNIITMASH, TsNIIM, etc.
The quality and environmental management systems of the Plant and its products are certificated for compliance with ISO 9000 and 14000, respectively.
Today, “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC is one of the main and unique Russian suppliers of starting stock for blades, disks, shafts and rings for gas turbine engines.
Our key customers include main Russian aerospace companies, defense enterprises, power and oil and gas complexes, auto manufacturers, engineering and instrument-making plants.

The modernization and technical re-equipment program (2005-2020), currently implemented at the Plant, allows it to maintain its dominant position and includes replacement of outdated equipment and installation of modern facilities embodying the most recent advances in science and technology. For example, a 16-MN forging press has already been put into operation within the framework of the program. The press significantly improves the quality of forgings from complex alloyed steels and alloys and allows to achieve stability of product properties. The products made by the press are mainly designed for domestic manufacturers of aviation and other special equipment. The project solves one of the most important social problems. It supersedes heavy hand labor of smiths.
The next step of the modernization program is construction of a complex for manufacture of deep-processed products from special steels and alloys including a 200-MH vertical hydraulic press, a radial forging machine, radial-axial rolling mills, heat treatment and heating facilities, quality control facilities (ultrasonic and dye penetrant inspection), machining facilities, heat-treatment furnaces, etc.
Resolutions on development of aircraft and gas power industries, recently adopted by the country's top leadership, lead to creation of large industrial complexes equipped with advanced high performance facilities conforming to international standards as well as application of new technological schemes and new materials. The complex significantly expands technical and technological capabilities and range of products of the Plant.
Purchase of unique, complex and expensive equipment, creation of new production areas as well as recruitment and personnel trainings are in full swing. The machinery manufactured by leading foreign companies and embodying the most recent advances in science and technology guarantees max automation and good repeatability of all processes. Similar equipment is currently used in some countries of Western Europe and the United States.
The goals and objectives set by the Plant are of the utmost importance, extremely ambitious and unprecedented at this stage of industry development. However, implementation of such expanded modernization program will ensure stability of the Plant at the market and its long-term development.
"Metallurgical Plant "Electrostal" JSC is a reliable business partner. The modernization and technical re-equipment program significantly expands its range of products as well as export potential and allows to deliver high-technology products of top quality.
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