The foundry of the company is represented by electrical steelmaking, mold casting and drop-hammer workshops with 5 to 20 t arc melting furnaces, 0,1 to 1,0 t induction furnaces, a unit for secondary refining of metal in a 20 t ladle furnace (AKVOS), and all types of special metallurgy equipment: VIM, VAR, ESR, electron-beam and plasma-arc furnaces.
In the framework of technical re-equipment, for the last two years we have put into operation a double-crucible open induction furnace manufactured by АВР (Germany), a vacuum induction and electroslag remelting furnaces supplied by CONSARC, and a vacuum-arc remelting furnace by ALD (Germany).
“Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC now holds a top position in special steels and alloys melting technology. The company has gained great experience in production of high-quality metal using special electrical metallurgy techniques. We use a wide range of equipment in a variety of combinations to produce high-purity metal, free from gases, non-metallic inclusions and harmful trace elements of nonferrous metals, as well as for better recovery of active alloying and modifying additions with simultaneous formation of a dense and homogeneous ingot. 

Forging  and rolling facilities

Our rerolling facilities include press-forging and rolling workshops.

Press-Forging Workshop No.1 features two hydraulic presses of 4000 t forging force each, one of them upgraded by German engineers, its products to be used as billets for ring rolling; a heat treatment floor (tempering and annealing) and machining floor (turning and grinding of forgings).

The range of products includes: round and square rods from 180 up to 500 mm, profile shafts, slabs of 80-300 x 320-600 mm, and disks dia. 350-1000 mm, 100-1600 kg, with or without piercing.

Press-Forging Workshop No.2 is a highly mechanized shop equipped with a radial-forging machine SMX600/12MN, a high-speed 16MN forging press (SMS MEER, Germany) and a 63MN horizontal extruding press.

The range of products includes: round, square and profile forgings and billets.

The highly automated forging process and optimal layout of metal deformation result in production of top-quality forgings and billets.

Horizontal press 63MN is designed for manufacturing pressed article dia. 80-210 mm complex alloyed, difficult-to-form alloys.

The workshop also accommodates 3-ton and 7-ton hammers for the production of round and square forging sock 60 – 200 mm and rectangular forgings 30-120х100-300 mm.

The workshop is equipped with heat treatment facilities and surface finishing equipment.

Press-Forging Workshop No.3 is a brand-new shop for the manufacture of high value added products. Modern equipment, designed and installed in 2012 - 2015 includes a closed-die forging press 200 MN forging force, manufactured by Siempelkamp (Germany), two ring-rolling mills by SMS MEER and Siempelkamp, ring expanders made and installed by SMS MEER and Fontijne Grotnes Group (the Netherlands & the USA).

The above-listed equipment operates in combination with the custom-made manipulators supplied by GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany) which perform a wide range of manipulator’s functions and at the same time serves to fulfil individual, specific and unique requirements of numerous customers.

Machining floor for surface treatment of rings and closed-die forgings is furnished with the state-of-the-art tuning lathes and vertical boring lathes produced by HONOR SEIKI CO. (Taiwan) and supplied in cooperation with FINVAL engineering company, automated belt-saw machines manufactured by KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany), and CNC-type waterjet cutting machine supplied by PTV spol. s.r.o. (Czech Republic).

An automated heat treatment line comprises electrical heating chamber furnaces, quenching tanks with oil and water, forced cooling unit, and a charging machine. This line was developed, manufactured and installed by Electrotherm Electrical & Metal Products Ltd. (Israel), one of the leaders in design and development, production and supply of heating equipment including industrial furnaces, heating elements, control and automation facilities. The charging machine was supplied by GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany).

A complex of non-destructive testing equipment includes an automated penetrant testing line supplied by ATG s.r.o. (Czech Republic) and a number of automated units for ultrasonic immersion testing of bars, disks and rings from special alloys, supplied by a world-famous manufacturer ScanMaster (Israel).

The product range of the complex: seamless rolled rings dia. 300 - 4000 mm, 30 – 600 mm height, wall thickness from 20 mm; die-forged disks and shafts up to 1200 mm in diameter, weight up to 3000 kg; profile shafts up to 1500 kg.

Rolling Workshop No.2 consists of the department for the production of hot-rolled sheet with 2,8 – 40 mm thickness and 400-650 mm width, cold-rolled strip with 0,01 - 2,5 mm thickness and 40 - 280 mm width, and cold-drawn wire dia. 0,018 - 7,5 mm and 5 mm square section.

The equipment of the shop includes a hot-rolling mill “Quatro-1000”, a cold-rolling mill “Quatro-400”, a 20-roller mill “160” and “400”, and wire-drawing machines for the production of wire of various sizes, as well as a set of equipment for product pre-heating, etching and heat treatment.

Rolling Workshop No.3 is equipped with a semi-continuous small- and medium-section rolling mill “350/250” for radial-displacement and continuous rolling. The mill is designed for the production of small and medium long products and wire rod from alloyed and high-alloyed steel and alloys in the size range of 6,5 - 75 mm, with round, square, hexagon and flat section.

An automated process control system of the mill regulates the rolling technology and the quality of long products, minimizing consumption of metal for rolling.

Heat treatment and finishing equipment is also available in the shop.

Service facilities

Reliable and trouble-free operation of the core production workshops is ensured by the efficient and well-coordinated work of service facilities.
Continually developing high-output power supply service provides for the company’s activity. To increase reliability and efficiency of electrical power supply management and enhance control over electrical power consumption we have introduced an energy control center for the remote control of substations and core equipment; we have also developed and implemented an automated system for commercial accounting for electrical power consumption.
Our technically equipped maintenance and repair center keeps the metallurgical equipment in perfect operating condition.
The department of Automated Production Management coordinates all the divisions of the company. With the brand-new equipment, we have made a strategic breakthrough in the development of automated production management system, having abandoned centralized information processing in favour of the distributed information processing system, thus enabling the users to get the required information right at the working place. Availability of loads of analytical reports makes it possible for the employees of our company to promptly respond to the market changes, make real-time forecasts of optimal production layouts and execute effective control of their fulfilment by the workshops.
Specialized laboratories for steel products quality control and metallurgical processes research enables us to take regular and purposeful measures aimed at optimization of serial production technology and development of advanced technological processes and new types of steel products.
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