Round table 2021

“Electrostal” Metallurgical plant” JSC has a number of remarkable time-tested traditions. One of them is holding an annual meeting with customers and partners in an extеnded format in order to build development pathways together, resolve pressing tasks and better understand each other. Although the digital age persistently teaches us to conduct business dialogues in the format of video conferencing, nothing can replace live human communication as it still proves much more effective.

In September, when the epidemiological situation in all regions was calm, the round table on the topic “Interaction and partnership with consumers of the plant's products” was held at Lukovoye Lake.

There were more participants in the round table this time than usual. The economic situation forces industrialists to work not only in their own interests, but also in the interests of each other. The invitation to a business dialogue was accepted by 70 companies, whose geography covers Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, as well as the Urals, Siberia, as well as neighboring countries. Moscow Region industrialists also expressed stepped-up attention to the work of the round table: this is a good opportunity to strengthen old partnerships and develop new ones.

The round table meeting was conducted by Aleksandr Evgenievich Shilnikov, Commercial Director of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC. He gave the first word to the President of Association of Aero-Engine Manufacturers, a hard-liner of the industry, Viktor Mikhailovich Chuiko.

“The significance of the round table held by the Electrostal plant cannot be understated,” the honorary guest noted. “It's good that there is such a platform where you can total up the year and discuss the issues that have arisen. The proposals heard here are seriously considered by the management. Evgeniy Vladimirovich Shilnikov, CEO of “Electrostal” Metallurgical Plant” JSC, is doing his best to eliminate any obstacles that may hinder the development of relationships between the product suppliers and consumers.”

How steady is the metallurgical production cycle of Electrostal and what orders are in production? Deputy CEO - Production Director Alexander Nikolayevich Korolev answered these questions in his report.

High product quality standards have always distinguished Electrostal plant from competitors. In his report Quality and Certification Director Alexander Viktorovich Zhavyrkin focused on the company’s handling of consumer requests on metal products’ quality issues.

It is well-known that our enterprise was created as a laboratory plant for the production of new grades of steel and alloys. Today their number is close to three thousands. The results and prospects for the technological development at Electrostal plant were presented to the participants of the round table by Stanislav Vladimirovich Muruev, Head of the Central Research Laboratory.

The most important question that has always been relevant for the customers is what the prices will be like for metal products. This factor is also fundamental for our plant. Director for Economics Valentin Valentinovich Volkov spoke about the vectors of pricing policy at the round table.

The guests were interested in various questions such as possibility to speed up verification of certificates for metal products; possibility of partial pickup of products in case of transportation problems from the customer’s side, if not spelled out in the contract. From year to year one of the most pressing requests from partners is to take orders without one hundred percent advance payment.

Without a doubt, new interesting directions for interaction with partners will arise, and the CEO of Electrostal E.V. Shilnikov suggested to discuss them in future: “This round table is the twenty-fourth in the history of our plant. I am pleased to invite all of you to the 25th anniversary round table, which will take place next year!”

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