The conference with the participation of the plant corporate management team, senior technical staff, marketing and sales service as well as representatives of our major buyers took place on May, 17. The conference was held in honor of marketing and sales service 30th anniversary and set a goal to increase the plant’s share on the complex alloyed steels and alloys market and also to improve the plant’s technical-economic indicators.

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The 2nd International Aero-Engine Manufacturing Forum (MFD-2016) held in Moscow on April 19-21, 2016, has gathered developers and manufacturers of high-technology and science-based products of aircraft engine building sphere. The Forum was organized by the Association of Aero-Engine Manufacturers (ASSAD).

“Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC has participated in the Forum, where Director General Evgeny V. Shilnikov gave a speech at the plenary session. The representatives of the company have attended scientific and technical conferences and held a number of business meeting and talks.

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12.02.2016 Tool Workshop Opening Ceremony

On 12 February 2016 “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC held the Tool Workshop opening ceremony. This project forms a part of the large-scale program for the production facilities upgrade.

The plant will be able to provide itself with the special technological tooling which used to be purchased from other suppliers and sometimes even ordered abroad. Now that the Tool Shop has been opened, the company can employ the import phase-out strategy.

Once the new production is introduced, it will enable to reduce the manufacturing time and cost. Besides, the new production site makes it possible to create 150 new workplaces.

The opening ceremony was attended by Valentina Kabanova, State Duma deputy, Vadim Khromov, First Deputy Minister of Investment and Innovation in Moscow region, Vladimir Pekarev, Moscow Regional Duma Deputy, Andrey Sukhanov, the mayor of Electrostal city, and other hounored guests.

During the new shop opening ceremony Evgeniy Shilnikov, Director General of the company, granted the most prestigious prize of the plant - the Tevosyan Prize – to all who participated in the installation and startup of the new division.

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15.01.2016 Relevant Talk

In January the trade union committee of “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC held a meeting of the trade union leaders of the company with the State Duma deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and chairperson of Moscow regional trade guild community Valentina Kabanova who supervises the eastern vicinities of Moscow. The meeting was attended by attended by Evgeniy Shilnikov, Director General. Despite the fact that today in Russia great deal of attention is paid to the development of small enterprises and medium-sized business, it is still the large industrial companies that form the basis of the national economy development, financial soundness and stability, and implementation of social programs. During the talks Mrs. Kabanova pledged her support in the issues of further development of the company to Mr. Shilnikov.

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14.01.2016 The Tevosyan Prize Laureates

The title of the annual Tevosyan prize laureate has been granted to the best teams of the plant: for the complex work on upgrade and transfer of the electron-beam furnace У254М from Steelmaking Shop-3 to Steelmaking Shop-6; for the development, mastering, implementation and technology elaboration of the system for manufacturing oval-section wire; for the development and implementation of the analytical control subsystem for the automated system of electric power technical record-keeping at “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC; for the great personal contribution to the execution of maintenance and repair work and commissioning of equipment; for the development of technology for manufacturing high value added products; for the complex work aimed at improving the quality of band from precision and heat-resistant alloys.


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