Quality Policy

Mission: keeping leadership in the Russian Federation and winning over the European market in production of special and high-quality steel.

Our Top Priorities Are:

  • Using up-to-date management methods;
  • Implementation and validation of quality management system for the requirements of MS ISO 9001, AS 9100;
  • Establishing and servicing customers’ changing requirements towards the products, processes and quality management system;
  • Commitment to non-stop improvement of product quality;
  • Providing reliable and quality products to our consumers;
  • Marketing development, update of product lines;
  • On-going cooperation with suppliers to enjoy consistent quality of the purchased raw and other materials and equipment;
  • Gain in sales and cost reduction;
  • Preventing from making management and technical decisions, having a negative impact on the quality of the output products;
  • Well-defined distribution of authority and responsibility to the personnel in the field of quality;
  • Creating the sense of belonging of every worker to the factory’s performance results.

Quality Policy Implementation Tools:

  • Using new high-performance technology to put out the required quality products throughout all production stages – from raw materials to end products;
  • Investing in upgrade and renewal of production, improving manufacturing;
  • Constantly conducting marketing researches, adding to marketability by winning the recognition domestically and internationally as a reliable and steadily performing partner;
  • Engaging suppliers of raw and other materials into quality improvement activities;
  • Making decisions, based on data and information analysis;
  • Taking up measures, preventing from products’ flaws and inconsistencies, identifying and eliminating core factors of inconsistencies, avoiding prospective inconsistencies, detected in production;
  • Upgrading skills of all-levels personnel by persistent learning;
  • Encouraging personnel to achieve high quality.
The top priority for the front office of JSC “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” is to provide conditions, when personnel is deliberately involved in the process of quality management. The leadership is responsible for implementing this Quality Policy and the constant improvement of QMS.
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