Modernization Program

Today, “Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC is one of the main and unique Russian suppliers of starting stock for blades, disks, shafts and rings for gas turbine engines.
The modernization and technical re-equipment program, implemented at the Plant since 2005, includes replacement of outdated equipment and construction of a complex for manufacture of deep-processed products from special steels and alloys. Modern facilities embodying the most recent advances in science and technology are supplied by leading foreign companies. The complex consists of a 16-MN high speed forging press, a 200-MH die-forging press, ring-rolling mills (RRM and RAW) (SMS MEER, Siempelkamp, Germany), heat treatment and heating facilities (Electrotherm, Israel and Löcher, Germany), quality control facilities (Advanced Technology, Czech Republic and ScanMaster Systems, Israel) and equipment for metal processing.
“Metallurgical Plant “Electrostal” JSC plans to significantly expand its range of products as well as export potential and deliver high-technology products of top quality.
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